When installing Bluestone Carbon the following laying guidelines are suggested:

    Stone to be clean, dry and free of deleterious material prior to being dip sealed with a penetrative sealer.
    It would be advisable to lay a test area using the following method.
    All areas to be made clean and dust free.
    Slurry bond coat
    Mapei Planicrete SP mixed at a ratio of approximately 1 to 1 with water and some neat cement and applied to concrete, the screed mix is applied to the slurry while the slurry is still wet.
    Screed bed
    Washed sand and cement mixed at a ratio of 3 or 4 parts sand and 1 part cement mixed with Mapei Planicrete SP mixed with water at a ratio of 4 parts water and 1 part Mapei Planicrete SP.
    Movement joints
    Approximately 6 mm to full perimeter and every 4.5 metre grids (approximately).
    Mapelastic Smart (2 part latex based membrane).
    2 coats to be applied with brush or roller to the entire screeded area
    MapeiĀ Granirapid (2 part fast setting adhesive)
    Adhesive to be applied to the back of the stone and onto the substrate using the appropriate notched trowel, it is advised that when the first piece of stone is laid it should be removed and the adhesive coverage should be assessed, if all is good , continue , if not the trowel sizing or adhesive application should be assessed.
    Mapei Ultracolor Plus (fast settingĀ  grout)
    Colour to be selected and sample approved.
  • Movement joint material should be a neutral cure silicone.

Note-all work should be assessed as the laying procedure takes place to ensure that the method stated is being followed.

It would also be advisable to install grout and movement joint material as the laying of areas is completed rather than waiting until all the stone has been laid.


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