Create a naturally gorgeous stacked stone look for both interior and exterior applications with the DryStone wall cladding range from Stone Hub. We collaborated with industry leadinglandscape designers and contractors to develop and manufacture a product line that would suit any contemporary Australian landscape. Our resulting range includes dry stacked stone cladding, walls and corners. The tones allow blending with many other materials to create a visually appealing wall. Choose from:

  • Hotham – A schist with uniform tones of whitish grey and light beige that is versatile due to its neutral look
  • Otway – Split slate with charcoal and rust colouring to complement darker stone paving
  • Buller NEW is a natural granite veneer that mixes warm and cool tones. It can be blended with Hotham Drystone for a new look altogether
  • Avoca NEW is a free-form walling offering a solid rugged appearance in an easy to install veneer format.  It presents a textured mix of brown and grey tones
  • Jamieson NEW has a rustic look incorporating light grey and softer rust tones
  • Kingscliff – Uniform brown tones laid with or without grout joints for a more formal look
  • Newport – Cream, light grey and light rust tones to complement lighter stone paving

Click on the pictures below to see each option in greater detail.

Create the DryStone wall that you want

Stone Hub offers a select range of DryStone cladding. This comes as individual pieces to achieve the closest look to true freestanding dry stacked stone walling, as built by an experienced stonemason.

To aid in the natural aesthetic, yet make installation easier, the pieces come in various lengths up to 600mm and various heights up to 200mm, with a thickness of 20-40mm. The stone is hand split on the surface and sides, but sawn on the bottom surface to allow easy application with a suitable adhesive to the substrate.

For external corners L-shaped dry stone corner pieces are available, and matching split face capping 600x300x40 can also be used to complete your wall.

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