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Whether you’re installing paving, pool coping, or cladding on your property, there’s one essential item you will need to extend its longevity. Stone sealer is a vital ingredient of any natural stone installation or construction, necessary to protect it from staining, and you can buy it directly from the specialists at Stone Hub.

How does it work?

The many types of natural stone we use for our products – bluestone, granite and travertine for example – all featuremanyinterconnected passages that make the absorbency of liquids and penetration of stains possible. These liquids can have any number of negative effects on natural stone, including irreversible staining, salt attack and efflorescence (i.e. the build up of a gritty white substance on the stone’s surface).

Now while each type of stone has different levels of porosity (the igneous granite is significantly less porous than the sedimentary sandstone for example), this product applied to your pool coping or paving or stone cladding structure will help prevent water and other liquids from penetrating into the stone and causing damage. There are commonly two different types of sealer; topical or penetrating.

Choose the right stone sealer for your needs

Stone Hub stocks two major brands– Dry Treat and Miteq. Dry Treat is an impregnating sealer, which means they use silanes to penetrate and impregnate the stone with molecules that bond to the pores and repel water, oils and other substances. Miteq is a penetrating sealer which works by penetrating the exterior of the stone just deep enough to help keep the stain on the surface. We also sell Mapei adhesives and grouts for that ideal finish.

Browse our range and place your order today. For more info contact us on 1300 668 394 or reach us online.

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