A deposit of 50% is required prior to placement of any custom order.
Payment of deposit constitutes an agreement to Stone Hub Terms & Conditions.

If any changes are required on a custom order once placed, if early enough we will endeavour to make requested changes, but note in most cases this may not be able to be done and the buyer will have to bear the cost of the custom made items.

Lead times given on custom orders are indicative, delays can occur due to a multitude of factors beyond our control, including but not limited to shipping delays, manufacturing delays due to raw material issues and packaging delays. Stone Hub  will not be held liable for any delays on indicative lead times given.

Balance payment of a custom order must be paid prior to delivery on site/pick up or within 2 weeks of arriving at our warehouse, whichever comes first.

Additional storage fees of $25/crate per month will be payable on all orders not taken within 2 weeks of arriving at our warehouse.  Furthermore interest will be payable on any outstanding amounts owing at a rate of 2% above Stone Hub current bank overdraft rate.


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