Any goods which are accepted for return by the Seller from the Buyer for credit shall be subject to cartage costs and handling charges, except where it has been clearly established that the Seller has supplied the wrong goods or services due to its own negligence.

The Buyer accepts that there will be a 50% mark down on purchased price where stock product has been supplied correctly or over supplied.


Any monies refunded by the Seller to the Buyer whether in consequence of the cancellation of any order or otherwise, shall be paid without interest and after deduction of any amount to which the Seller may be entitled to charge, and is expressly agreed that the Buyer shall not make or seek to maintain any claim against the Seller for the payment of interest on monies refunded. The Buyer agrees that these monies to be refunded will be deducted upon refund by the Seller.

Note that for all custom orders stock will not be refunded or returned.

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